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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mobile Surgery Unit

"Mobile Surgery Units" (MSUs) are high-tech mobile ambulatory surgery facilities.  Also known as "hospital on wheels"Mobile Surgery Units are designed to deliver on-site surgical services. As an example, our "Mobile Surgery Units" are used by hospitals renovating operating rooms and to provide additional operating room capacity.  Mobile Surgery Units can support physician groups with insufficient case volume to justify a free-standing Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) or provide on-site surgery at correctional facilities.  One value of the MSU is its ability to support disaster readiness applications and international and humanitarian missions.


  • Set-up and fully functional in 1 hour by 1 person
  • Configured with entrance, pre-/post-operative area, nurses' station, handicapped accessible bathroom/changing area, separate soiled and clean utility rooms, spacious operating room (approximately 400 square feet)
  • Self-contained with integrated power, lighting, heating, ventilation (HEPA filtration), air conditioning, plumbing, medical gas/vacuum, nurse call, synchronized time, intrusion alarm, fire suppression, and communications systems
  • Transportable by tractor, train or ship
  • Redundant systems for power, water, vacuum and communications
  • Holding tanks for storage of potable, gray and black water
  • UPS system
  • Odulair's Mobile Surgery Units are U.S. healthcare code compliant and can be state licensed, Joint Commission accredited, and CMS certified
  • Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) certified for use in the State of California 
  • Rapid set-up allows for fast delivery of patient care
  • May be integrated with existing structures
  • Easy to clean surfaces provide superb infection control
  • Equipped with easily reconfigurable rail-mounted modular cabinetry to provide storage for medical supplies and equipment
  • Telemedicine-ready
Odulair has documented cost savings in millions of dollars from utilizing our Mobile Surgery units relative to hospital renovation projects for government, private and public hospitals.  Customers save money by utilizing MSUs to replace operating rooms being renovated or added.  Use of the MSUs allow government facilities to avoid outsourcing surgery at considerable expense while maintaining the revenue stream for private and public facilities.  Use of MSU facilitates faster construction and provides a safe environment for patients to receive surgery without the risk of exposure to construction contaminants.

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